2018 Speakers

                                 Rex Gilroy 

:Rex is the father of Australian Cryptozoology, he is the original Yowie Man, he has been researching Yowies and other strange Australian mysteries for just over 6 decades, he is the author of multiple books along with his wife Heather.


                                  Gary Opit

Gary Opit is a renowned Australian Cryptozoologist, Zoologist, Wildlife Expert, Biologist, UFOlogist and author and Gary is the host of Wildlife Wednesdays on ABC North Coast Radio.

                                  Bill Flowers (Wild Bill)

Bill Flowers nicknamed “Wild Bill” is a Thylacine researcher and a Wildlife Expert, Bill is a member of the Thylacine Research Unit Bill is also a snake and wildlife artist, and Bill is co-host of Thylacine Road Trip and Animal Planets Hunt for the Tasmanian Tiger.

                                   Bruce Champagne 

Bruce is an American Sea Serpent investigator. 

                                 Simon Young 

Simon is an Australian Yowie Researcher and eyewitness member of the Blue Mountains Yowie Research team and author for the Yowie Times.

                                             Murray Byfield

Murray is a paranormal/Cryptozoology researcher, author, founder of Unexplained Australia website, founder of Hunter Valley Ghost Tours, co-host of the Bush Monsters Web Series.


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