Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Hold on our 3rd Annual is coming 8th & 9th of September.

Gary Opit will be our 2018 keynote speaker with Rex Gilroy speaking before him, Day One will see Murray Byfield return to start of the show with his presentation on the Australian Panther fact or fiction? Followed by Simon Young to talk about Yowies and Relict Hominids then for Day One keynote presentor it is American Sea Serpent researcher to talk about Sea Serpent Types. Day Two Bill Flowers will start the show to talk about the possibility of Thylacines still existing then followed by Rex Gilroy to talk about Mysterious Australia’s research into Australian Cryptozoology then Gary Opit with his keynote presentation on History of Cryptozoology tickets are currently available.

10am-4pm both days Saturday September 8 & Sunday September 9 at the Central Charlestown Leagues Club.

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