Thursday, 25 January 2018

Conference tickets: Weekend passes available on Feb 1.

In exactly 1 week from today on Midnight February 1 the A.C.R.O. 3rd Annual Australian Cryptozoology Conference 2018 Weekend Passes will be available for $30 with the ticket holders getting access to Saturday and Sunday.

Weekend passes on sale February 1.

Monday, 18 December 2017

2018 Conference: Ticketing Information

Photo: Rex GIlroy watches Murray Byfield's presentation from his table at the 2017 Conference.

Ticketing information for the 2018 conference.

Weekend Pass: $30 pp (Available from midnight February, 1 only 30 available)
On special for $25 pp at the A.C.R.O. Jimna, QLD Donation Campout. February 3&4.

One Day Pass Saturday: $20 pp (Available from midnight March, 1) 
One Day Pass Sunday: $20 pp ( Available from midnight March, 1)

Full speakers lineup and table arrangements will be announced prior to February 1.