2018 schedule

Location: Central Charlestown Leagues Club Charlestown, NSW City of Lake Macquire 

Day One- Date: Saturday, September, 8(Doors open 10am)(Doors close 3pm)

Speaker#1- Murray Byfield
Time: 10:30am
Title: Black Panthers of the Aussie Bush Fact or Fiction?
About: Murray from Unexplained Australia is returning but this time discuss the elusive Australian Panther with a balanced point of views.

Speaker#2- Simon Young
Time: 11:30am
Title: The Hairy Man Relict Hominid or Dreamtime Legend? 
About: Simon Young is a Yowie Researcher who will be talking to people about the well known myth of the Australian Yowie.

Lunch Break: 12:15pm to 1pm + 12:45pm Eyewitness Confessions hosted by Murray Byfield.

Day 1 Keynote Speaker- Bruce Champagne
Title: The Classification of Sea Serpents and Lake Monsters.
About: Bruce Champagne is coming down under to talk to you about the well known myth of the Sea Sea Serpents.

Day Two- Date: Sunday, September, 9(Doors open 10am)(Doors close 3pm)

Speaker#1- Bill Flowers
Time: 10:30am
Title: The possibility of Thylacine still being alive?
About: Bill Flowers is a respected Thylacine Researcher for the Thylacine Research Unit and co-host of the Hunt for the Tasmanian Tiger on Animal Planet he is also a wildlife artist and a wildlife expert, he will be coming from Tasmania to give a presentation on what evidence science needs, what evidence he needs and what evidence the law needs. 

Speaker#2- Rex Gilroy
Time: 11:30am
Title: Mysterious Australia- Creatures that don’t belong.
About: Rex Gilroy will give a presentation on the unusual creatures of Australian Cryptozoology.

Lunch Break: 12:15pm to 1pm + 12:30pm- Researchers Q&A session.

Day 2 keynote speaker- Gary Opit
Time: 1pm
Title: History of Cryptozoology.
About: Gary Opit will give a presentation about the history of Cryptozoology before the internet and Rex & Heather Gilroy’s years of research.

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